Sunday, October 20, 2013

So Good!!

Life has been so good to us lately. I keep thinking to myself, I don't want to miss or forget a THING about what is going on in our life at this time and I figured it was time for me to sit down and take a minute to document some of the blessings that we have enjoyed.  Alofa and I celebrated 4 years of marriage in August. What a blessing it is to be married to a kind, generous, hardworking man who loves his wife and kids more than words can express. There are very few things that bring joy to my heart than seeing Alofa be a daddy to our boys. He plays with them, teaches them, laughs with them and loves them and helps me with them everyday.  He is a great daddy!!! He recently got a new job with Guy Nielson Co. It is such an AMAZING job for him and our family. He works 7-3:30 everyday Monday through Friday and comes home everyday raving about how much he loves his job. It brings much joy to my heart to see him so happy :)
Toa just got his first hair cut. I finally convinced Alofa that it was time as Siaosi would grab handfuls of hair and pull as hard as he could when it was longer. I just took him to a near by salon and let them cut it. I was a little worried that he would be scared but it didn't phase him at all. When she first started cutting his hair, I started to tremble a little bit and I thought I was going to start crying right on the spot.  I let out a little nervous laugh and regained composure.  I didn't think it would bother me to get his first hair cut, but it did. I think it was the beginning of a realization that he is growing up, which is a great thing as well as sad thing all at once for me.  I now look at him as a bigger, more grown up Toa. 
Toa turned 3 years old on October 1st.  We decided to go ahead and do his birthday party at Outer Limits.  It was a huge success. Toa had so much fun!! We let them play, eat pizza, chicken and cake and ice cream.
Toa cracks me up. He is such a strong and independent little bugger.  Just today at church I found him telling a little girl "no no" when she went to touch the papers hanging on the bulletin board. He gets a little bossy at times, poor Siaosi.  He is talking so good and is starting to be able to have full on conversations where we KNOW what he is trying to say now. He Has such an imagination and half of the stuff he comes up with I have no idea where it comes from. He is obsessed with money. He always wants to have coins to carry around and when we went to get his hair cut he gave the lady all of the money he had, 2 quarters. She thought it was adorable, and to be honest, I did too.  The other day he brought me a pair of his pants and a shirt telling me he needed to get dressed so that I could take him to WalMart to get a scooter. Today in church, as Toa sat next to me, he leaned over and said as we were talking about the crab in his book, "I'm gonna pinch you, I'm gonna pinch you, I'm gonna pinch you on the BUTT!!" and then pinched my tush!! Hahahahahaha! I am sure the people behind us in church today got a kick out of us! He is learning his shapes and colors right now as well as counting and his ABCs. He is getting pretty good. Sometimes I forget that he is only just barely 3 because he can act so grown up at times. I love him
Siaosi is still a little tiger. He is so sweet and tender at times and then in an instant can turn into a feisty little tiger. He loves his momma and I can not get enough of his cuddles.  Today in church, I showed him a picture of a cow and the next thing I know he is "mooing" in sacrament meeting as loud as he could. I couldn't help but smile. When he saw the picture of the dinosaur he growled at it then shrieked as loud as he could and wrapped his arms around my neck.  He is now in this phase where he will say "ouch" when ever he gets hurt and starts rubbing it with his hand. If he hits me, all I have to do is say ouch and he will instantly come up to me and start rubbing where he hit me with his hand. He is growing up so fast. Last weekend he wasn't feeling well and when he woke up with a fever I realized that he isn't a baby any more as I tried to rock him back to sleep. It's hard to explain. There is a joy that comes from watching your babies grow up and learn new things. But along with that joy comes a little bit of heart ache that they are growing up too fast.  It motivates me to want to be a better momma to them. Be more present, be more mindful of the current moment and what is going on in the here and now so that I don't miss a thing. 

 I love all three of these boys more than I could ever express. My heart is overflowing with love and joy as I think about how good life has been for us. We have been blessed and we ever humbled and thankful for all that we have.


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